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Basic Field Rules

  1. Field joule limit is 1.49J or 400 fps with .20g


  3. NO full auto allowed on the indoor field 

  4. NO pyro or smoke grenades allowed inside. Co2 green Gas is fine.

  5. Bb weight limit is .28g for inside .32g outside city, .50g for woods field.

  6. You chrono with your bb weight, If there is an issue we will chrono with field ammo.

  7. HPA is allowed but you must supply your own regulator lock. Anyone caught adjusting their regulator after chrono will be banned from the facility. HPA limit is 1.30j/ 317 fps chrono with .28g

  8. Snipers are allowed, Bolt action ONLY, 2.0j 75' M.E.D. (city) 2.5j limit  100ft M.E.D. (woods) NOT allowed indoors.

  9. Full face masks are required for anyone under age 18, z87 only

  10. Full seal goggles are required for anyone over the age 18, z87 required to use. Absolutely no safety glasses unless they are being worn under full face face masks. (i.e. face masks with steel mesh eye covers.)

  11. Barrel blockers are required off the field. Must be and APPROVED/ Manufactured Barrel blocking device. NO socks, hats, gloves, etc. 

  12. Magazines are to be OUT any time you're not on the field

  13. No Burst/Binary allowed inside

  14. 3rds Burst max outside

  15. Full auto only allowed outside with LMG, LMG must use a box mag, NO drum mags, and has a MED of 50'

See a complete list of our field rules located across from the check-in counter.

joule chart 6mm.jpeg
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