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KDK Pricing

All Players must pay the Field Entry Fee.


              * Rental For the Day  (with unlimited bbs)           $10 

              *Field Entry Fee                                    $10

   ALL DAY(open to close)

                       Saturday - Sunday                        

             *Day Rental (with unlimited bbs)                              $15

             *Field Entry Fee                                      $20

                                   Membership Gun Rental                                        

             * Monday - Friday                                   $10

             * Saturday - Sunday                              $15

Skirmesh Bands Are REQUIRED if you have your OWN equipment

they are $10 each and are not included in the cost.

Barrel Blockers are REQUIRED. 

They will not be provided you can purchase one at the time of your entry.

(hats, gloves, socks, etc. are not barrel blockers) 

Rentals Do not need to purchase a Skirmesh Band

Prices for Rental Package includes day pass and Rental.

Prices are for ALL DAY admission. We do not charge per game or per hour.

Come play for an hour or 5, Price does not change.


Equipment Rentals

        * Includes – Face mask, Gun, 1 high cap mag,

           and Unlimited BBs (Rentals Only)

        * All Rental guns must use field ammo


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